Optus Tower Seaham – Petition

Dear Community

We have had several requests to alert the community to the proposal outlined below.  Being a community issue we agreed to post it on our website.

RE: installation of a mobile phone base station at 86 Warren Street, Seaham NSW 2324 (Lot 50 DP 752487).
Comment on the proposal:

Please be aware the consultation period has been extended and will now close on
Friday 13th April 2018.

Optus has recently put in a proposal to construct a mobile phone base station in Seaham. The tower is proposed to be constructed in very close proximity to two residential dwellings (just over 40m away), a preschool, public school and burgeoning residential community.

They are also flagging alternative locations:
– on the same property, but further up the hill
– erecting it somewhere at Brandy Hill Quarry
– Erecting in on a hill in East Seaham

The proposed installation at any of the locations may:
have a negative Socio-economic impact.
Health: Health concerns due to RF exposure, even limited or low exposure can cause concern to some individuals. Stress or uncertainty about the impacts of emissions can also cause considerable stress and health (and mental health) issues.
Social Amenity impacts: including aesthetic concerns and visual unattractiveness
Property Value decreasing: due to the above concerns.
Of interest to note:
Espionage Concerns:

Optus intends to use Huawei Equipment in the Tower. The Federal Government is currently trying to prevent the use of Huawei Equipment due to concerns that it is capable of interference for espionage purposes.
Why we need to raise our concerns:

Communication with the Seaham community as a whole has been inadequate and communication and involvement with the public and appropriate stakeholders at all stages of the decision making processes should be addressed.
The Seaham area and its surrounds have high social value and include local and regional natural conservation areas (Hunter Estuary Wetlands, Stockton Sand Dunes), engaged and dynamic rural communities, businesses and schools. The installation of the mobile phone bases station either at Warren St, the Brandy Hill Quarry or along Giles Rd will impact on Seaham and its surround negatively.
The Brandy Hill Quarry is currently already in consultation with the community, Council and relevant authorities regarding major development changes. Adding a mobile base station to the Quarry property may further impact potential health concerns, social amenity objections and affect the local community and land values.

Who to write to:

Further information about this proposal is available from:
Optus c/- CommPlann:   www.rfnsa.com.au Site No.2324021
02 93633813

Comment on the proposal: Please be aware the consultation period has been extended and will now close on Friday 13th April 2018.

Address: Optus c/-CommPlan Pty Ltd
PO Box 267, Edgecliff NSW 2027
Website: http://www.rfnsa.com.au/2324021

Support Info about mobile hone stations, codes, health, your rights, state planning laws etc:

Candidates For PSC Elections

Do you know anything about the candidates for the upcoming PSC elections? The new mayor and in particular, the elected councillors for west ward, will potentially have a huge impact on our area in coming years. Your vote is important towards ensuring we get the best possible elected representatives.

VOWW is organising a “meet the candidates”night and BHSAG encourages you to come along.

Wednesday 23rd August

7pm at the Woodville School of Arts Hall, on Paterson Road beside the Iona Public School.

All mayor and west word candidates have been invited. We will post more details of who is coming when that is known. Some have already promised they will be there.

Each candidate will speak for up to 5 minutes and there will be some more time for your questions. After the formal presentations, there will also be time for a chat with candidates over a cuppa.

So please inform your local friends and neighbours to come along and get to know the candidates, so that everyone can make an informed vote in the upcoming elections.

Neil and Margarete Ritchie

Submissions Close Today

Today is your last opportunity to lodge your submission regarding the Brandy Hill Quarry Expansion EIS. Your say will only be heard if you do lodge a submission. It will be listened to.

The Gunlake quarry expansion was refused by the PAC this week because the residents were listened to. This is your last chance regarding Brandy Hill quarry.

Thanks to everyone that has lent a hand and provided support.

The BHSAG submission went in today.






Council Safety Committee Meeting

2013 threw up some interesting problems for our local communities and we hope that 2014 will be the year that some of the issues can be resolved in our favour. Not only do we have to contend with the Hanson and Martin’s Creek  Quarry expansions and subdivision plans by developers,  but also with our Council which seems to close all doors when help is requested.
Quite a few residents have mentioned issues with safety on Brandy Hill Drive and with encouragement from our council representative, Peter Kafer, I presented the community concerns at a Council safety committee meeting on 4th March. I would like to thank Peter and Geoff Dingle for their unending support on getting these issues before Council.
The issues presented were:

  1. Warrigal Close intersection….. badly positioned street sign, poor line marking ( actually no line marking) to indicate the turn from Brandy Hill Dr, and the need for a light to make the road more visible at night. In addition, the inadequarte bus bay was mentioned.
  2. The post and wire safety fences which have rotted and the wire is hanging over the “footpath” area over the 2 culverts along BHDr.

    Warrigal: Poor Fences, line-marking, lighting, bus stop and signage

    Warrigal: Poor Fences, line-marking, lighting, bus stop and signage

  3. The danger for children to access the bus stops at several places along BHDr and also at the top of Sophia Jane Drive. Several parents have complained to the bus company about the primary school pick up point on the western side of Seaham road / Sophia Jane Drive intersection and the School has also put a submission to Council about the danger posed as children have to cross Seaham Road at the busiest times of the day to access the buses.

    Sophia Jane north bound stop

    Sophia Jane north bound stop

  4. The danger of walking/cycling was once again highlighted. The Council, in its planning for the heavy vehicle passing lane along Seaham Road from BHDr to Sophia Jane Drive, removed the walking track that locals had created along the fence line on the eastern side of the road. Walkers are now forced to walk along the road itself with only centimetres left between the white line and the drain/ditch. Not only that, but the original guide posts were removed around the end of BHDr BUT the holes remain and no new posts were put in place. A great tripping point for unsuspecting walkers. This is just shoddy, poor planning with the assumption that all children catching the busses at the Sophia Jane bus-stop are driven there by their parents and no-one has the right to walk safely in this area.

    Poor access to all bus stops

    Poor access to all bus stops

  5. Signs indicating wildlife corridors should be reinstated after they were removed several years ago during road works.

There were other issues discussed and if you have any pressing concerns please send them to one of our Councillors or respond to this post.

It will be interesting to see whether Council will act on any of these issues. If they don’t I suggest we bombard them with complaints.

Coincidently, the road works currently being undertaken at the western end of Brandy Hill Dr seems to be addressing concerns of some residents about poor drainage causing water sheeting danger during heavy rain and deteriorating road surface. It remains to be seen whether the bus-stop in that area has been adequately addressed.

Other recent meetings of the Community Consultative Committee and VOWW will be reported on as soon as possible.