Survey: Resident concerns

Are you a resident of Brandy Hill or Seaham? We want to know your concerns so we can represent you better.

Please complete the following short survey, with only two compulsory questions, to let us know your opinions. At the end, we will ask you for your street name as a form of verification that you are from the intended area.

Click here to take the survey.

We will make the results available on this website at a later date.

5 thoughts on “Survey: Resident concerns

  1. No mention is made of the residents in Giles Street. Even though there are only a few homes there these people should be included.

    • Yes it’s more than a few residences. And yes we are already impacted by current operation.

      Will there be a letter box drop people don’t know the information night.

    • I am a resident of Giles Road, and there are almost 30 residences on this road! We are already impacted significantly by the quarry. We hear and FEEL quarry blasts, see the dust plumes and deal with truck traffic along Brandy Hill Drive. The quality of the road, and it’s incredibly dangerous potholes, are already an issue.

  2. I also live in Giles Road and can hear the trucks and crusher and often feel the blasts. What about the wildlife? I regularly walk down Giles Road and have seen koalas at the quarry end. One just this morning!

  3. When will councils actually start to listen to the public who are ones impacted by quarry expansions? I do not see any politicians or council members creating quarries in their own backyards. This quarry exists and the public cannot change that fact, but they should have a say on whether their quality of life is impacted any further.

    It is time that our government started to think about the locals and the impact efforts to make more money have on the locals and the animals that call this area home.

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