About the quarry expansion

Brandy Hill Quarry can be found on Clarence Town Road directly opposite the northwest end of Brandy Hill Drive.

The quarry is an important business which employs local people and is prepared to listen to the local community. The management of Brandy Hill Quarry has been very clear that they want us to work with them to minimise any impact the proposed expansion will have. We look forward to working with them towards this goal.

Our particular areas of concern regarding the quarry expansion will involve issues like resident safety, exposure to truck noise and blasting noise, dust pollution, and damage to our local roads. These may be of particular concern due to Hanson’s proposed 24/7 operation schedule.

If you are a local resident, please help us prioritise our concerns by completing our survey.

You can read more about the project at the following useful sites.

News and articles

Planning and approval process

Other information

2 thoughts on “About the quarry expansion

    • A contentious issue. Hanson believes they do but we have found no documentation to justify this stance. The 1983 EIS states clearly operations are restricted to 6am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.
      Port Stephens Council have recently uncovered the same document.

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