About us

Welcome to the website of the Brandy Hill and Seaham community action group.

We are a non-profit group that exists to represent community concerns to our representatives in local, state and federal government.

We formed after learning of the possible expansion of Brandy Hill Quarries, news that was not communicated to residents by our council. We aim to represent local views on this expansion, and work together with the quarry management to reach a solution acceptable to both parties.

We are also affiliated with, and give our support to, the Voice of Wallalong and Woodville action group in their endeavours to oppose a proposed intense urban development at Wallalong.

About the issues

Brandy Hill Quarry expansion

In June this year, some residents of Brandy Hill and Seaham read in the local paper about the proposed expansion of the Hanson-owned Brandy Hill Quarry. You can read more about the expansion and the effects it will have on local residents on our webpage about the quarry.

This caused some concern in the community, and as a consequence a meeting was organised, with assistance from Robyn Parker, Member for Maitland. Further details of the meeting are here.

The primary outcome of this meeting was that residents gained some understanding of the processes that Hanson was required to go through in gaining approval for their expansion. We learned more about where community input can be given as part of this process.

It was resolved that a community group would be formed to liase with Hanson – that’s us. We have already had some positive outcomes and have set up a productive process of communication.

As part of our research into the issues, it became obvious that Hanson Quarry isn’t the only concern regarding traffic issues and truck movements. Brandy Hill Drive and other local roads are also used by trucks servicing another local quarry at Martins Creek.

Martins Creek Quarry Expansion

The quarry at Martins Creek was purchased by Daracon in 2012. They are also seeking approval to expand their premises and output.

The most direct route for many of their trucks is via Clarence Town Road and then Brandy Hill Drive and Seaham Road.

We have already had some communication with Daracon about the behaviour of some of their contracted truck drivers, specifically regarding truck noise due to engine braking, and safety issues including speeding and danger to pedestrians and cyclists.

Large-scale residential developments

Several developers are proposing a new township at Wallalong and Woodville. This will impact on the surrounding area in a way with which its infrastructure isn’t designed to cope. It will also send an extra 10,000 cars per day onto our roads. You can read more about this proposal at the VOWW website.

Once again, Brandy Hill Drive and other local roads will take the brunt of the extra traffic.

There is also a proposed development for Nelsons Plains, with loss of rural amenity.

lack of council support and communication

We are extremely concerned by the lack of support council gives to West Ward, particularly Seaham, Brandy Hill and Nelsons Plains. There is no long-term plan in place for the area, and no effective communication or consultation with residents.

By approving and supporting these developments, the council has demonstrated a lack of understanding of the issues specific to the area, and ignorance of the repercussions local residents will experience.

Our aims

Initially and primarily, we are here to negotiate a good outcome between Brandy Hill Quarries and residents. We need to work with, rather than against, the Quarry in this endeavour.

But just as importantly, this Brandy Hill / Seaham Action Group is here for the long haul. We will be a forum for discussions about issues in our local area, and will represent residents on our concerns.

For this to be effective, we need as much community engagement as possible – so please make use of this website as a form of communication.

About this website

This website is a place for you to add your voice to the debate. Please leave your comments on our general feedback page, and if you are a resident, please complete our new survey on community concerns regarding the proposed quarry expansion.

If you would like to receive email updates, please click the ‘follow’ button on the right hand side of the page and add your email address.

4 thoughts on “About us

  1. We where hoping to retire in Brandy Hill next year this is sad news to us. We will follow this with interest.
    Good luck with the fight.
    Terence and Shirley.

  2. Hi im trying to contact someone in your group to discuss upcoming focus groups that I need to run- to be held in seaham woodville in relation to the disadvantaged communities study ..dropping off the edge.
    I would appreciate it if someone could contact me on 0416099878 to discuss. thanks lynne

  3. Just read in examiner planning proposal for 792 seaham rd, seaham. Rezoning primary production to r5 large lot residential.
    Supposed to be on display online at portstephens.nsw.gov.au under ‘whats on exhibition’ but I have been unable to locate the proposed site/ layout.
    Concerns regarding wildlife affected, traffic increase on seaham rd, Sophia Jane drive, dependant on where access road may be.

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