Candidates For PSC Elections

Do you know anything about the candidates for the upcoming PSC elections? The new mayor and in particular, the elected councillors for west ward, will potentially have a huge impact on our area in coming years. Your vote is important towards ensuring we get the best possible elected representatives.

VOWW is organising a “meet the candidates”night and BHSAG encourages you to come along.

Wednesday 23rd August

7pm at the Woodville School of Arts Hall, on Paterson Road beside the Iona Public School.

All mayor and west word candidates have been invited. We will post more details of who is coming when that is known. Some have already promised they will be there.

Each candidate will speak for up to 5 minutes and there will be some more time for your questions. After the formal presentations, there will also be time for a chat with candidates over a cuppa.

So please inform your local friends and neighbours to come along and get to know the candidates, so that everyone can make an informed vote in the upcoming elections.

Neil and Margarete Ritchie

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