Optus Tower Seaham – Petition

Dear Community

We have had several requests to alert the community to the proposal outlined below.  Being a community issue we agreed to post it on our website.

RE: installation of a mobile phone base station at 86 Warren Street, Seaham NSW 2324 (Lot 50 DP 752487).
Comment on the proposal:

Please be aware the consultation period has been extended and will now close on
Friday 13th April 2018.

Optus has recently put in a proposal to construct a mobile phone base station in Seaham. The tower is proposed to be constructed in very close proximity to two residential dwellings (just over 40m away), a preschool, public school and burgeoning residential community.

They are also flagging alternative locations:
– on the same property, but further up the hill
– erecting it somewhere at Brandy Hill Quarry
– Erecting in on a hill in East Seaham

The proposed installation at any of the locations may:
have a negative Socio-economic impact.
Health: Health concerns due to RF exposure, even limited or low exposure can cause concern to some individuals. Stress or uncertainty about the impacts of emissions can also cause considerable stress and health (and mental health) issues.
Social Amenity impacts: including aesthetic concerns and visual unattractiveness
Property Value decreasing: due to the above concerns.
Of interest to note:
Espionage Concerns:

Optus intends to use Huawei Equipment in the Tower. The Federal Government is currently trying to prevent the use of Huawei Equipment due to concerns that it is capable of interference for espionage purposes.
Why we need to raise our concerns:

Communication with the Seaham community as a whole has been inadequate and communication and involvement with the public and appropriate stakeholders at all stages of the decision making processes should be addressed.
The Seaham area and its surrounds have high social value and include local and regional natural conservation areas (Hunter Estuary Wetlands, Stockton Sand Dunes), engaged and dynamic rural communities, businesses and schools. The installation of the mobile phone bases station either at Warren St, the Brandy Hill Quarry or along Giles Rd will impact on Seaham and its surround negatively.
The Brandy Hill Quarry is currently already in consultation with the community, Council and relevant authorities regarding major development changes. Adding a mobile base station to the Quarry property may further impact potential health concerns, social amenity objections and affect the local community and land values.

Who to write to:

Further information about this proposal is available from:
Optus c/- CommPlann:   www.rfnsa.com.au Site No.2324021
02 93633813

Comment on the proposal: Please be aware the consultation period has been extended and will now close on Friday 13th April 2018.

Address: Optus c/-CommPlan Pty Ltd
PO Box 267, Edgecliff NSW 2027
Website: http://www.rfnsa.com.au/2324021

Support Info about mobile hone stations, codes, health, your rights, state planning laws etc:

1 thought on “Optus Tower Seaham – Petition

  1. Community consultation needs to occur when deciding on an appropriate position for theses towers. Risking the health of locals long term is unacceptable.

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