Urgent call for info on local koala sightings

Victoria, who is coordinating the Save Port Stephens Koalas campaign, is making this urgent plea:

Have you seen or heard koalas in Brandy Hill, Seaham or surrounding suburbs within the past six years?

We’re urgently compiling community info about koalas within a 10-kilometre radius of Brandy Hill Quarry.

Your info will be taken into account as part of an assessment that will inform federal environment minister Sussan Ley’s decision on the quarry expansion.

If we can document as much community info on koalas as possible, it might just be enough to save 52 hectares of critical koala habitat from being destroyed.

Our deadline is midnight, Sunday 11 October.

Please send the following details to saveportstephenskoalas@gmail.com:

  • Date
  • Location (as precise as possible – i.e. street and nearest cross street, or approx. X metres from [landmark])
  • Description (What did you see/hear? Description of appearance of koala/s)
  • Have you reported this info anywhere else (e.g. I Spy Koala app, Koala Tracker)

Bonus points if you have photos / video you can send – but no problem if not.



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