Minister Sussan Ley delays Brandy Hill quarry decision until October 30

This was reported today on the Newcastle Herald website.

A spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture Water and the Environment said the time frame will allow for the completion and consideration of additional site survey work.

The state government approved the quarry expansion in July but federal environment minister Susan Ley will have the final say on whether it can go ahead.

The full article may be in the Herald tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Minister Sussan Ley delays Brandy Hill quarry decision until October 30

  1. At least that’s something! Driving along Clarencetown road on the right hand side, on quarry land, heading towards Maitland, there is what appears to be a very high dam wall being built and it looks like it is blocking Deadmans Creek. I think this is illegal to build a dam across a creek. Don’t know if this information is of any use to you but just thought i would let you know. Thankyou for all you are doing, you are doing a great job.

    • Hi Susan. We take the delay in the decision as a good sign.

      Regarding the “dam” wall and deadman’s Creek, while I don’t want to appear pro Hanson, I have been on a couple of site inspections since the expansion was proposed, including overseeing that wall. My recollection was that it is well away from any creek. If you look at google maps, it shows Deadman’s Creek flows to the north-east of the quarry footprint, and is well away from the wall. That wall is a bund wall that will grow quite high as it becomes both a sight screen and sound attenuation barrier. Their plan is that once completed, it will be vegetated to make it blend into the landscape. At present it is very stark and obvious. It cannot be vegetated until complete, as new material would keep burying any vegetation.

      Hopefully, the minister will either reject the expansion completely, or only allow ongoing operation but limited by what is possible with NO habitat clearing.

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