Loss of Habitat from Quarry Expansion


The Brandy Hill quarry expansion has been an issue for the community since mid 2013. At that time the main concern for residents centred on 24/7 operations and safety along the road haulage routes. But over the last 7 years other issues have arisen: dust, noise and biodiversity to name but a few. While the IPC determination has addressed some of these issues, biodiversity was left in limbo. The submissions made by VOWW and BHSAG in 2017 were based on information available at the time. Since then far more has come to light.

Information was requested of Hanson which was previously unavailable due to “commercial in confidence “ and our own research has revealed a far greater biodiversity impact than was previously understood on the proposed expansion site. Of particular note, is a report commissioned by Hanson for their EIS, dated February 2019 and sent to Department of Planning and is therefore on public record. Findings in this report brought to life the detrimental impact the clearing of 52 hectares of core koala habitat would have on the local koala population. Changes in federal and state environmental law (spec. koala), drought conditions, increased development and the Black Summer bushfires over recent times has pushed the importance of protecting our local koala population to even greater significance. The information on which the IPC based it’s determination was a 2015 koala survey provided by Hanson. No information was provided nor requested on the CURRENT status. We have a significant local koala population and it is one of the last remaining healthy colonies in the Port Stephens region.

There is now strong evidence that we have breeding females and an active core colony in the area. An updated survey must be requested. You may have seen heightened activity on social media as well as in main stream media on the significance of the Brandy Hill koala population. We must not lose sight of the fact that the bulldozing of land for the expansion will also affect other endangered species including the grey-headed flying fox, regent honeyeaters, spot-tail quoll and swift parrot. The Brandy Hill quarry expansion was approved by the NSW government just 2 weeks after a parliamentary enquiry found koalas in the State would be extinct by 2050 without urgent government intervention. Minister Ley has the final say on approving the quarry expansion. Remember, the number one threat to koalas and other wildlife is destruction and fragmentation of habitat.

If you want to voice your opinion please contact the Federal Environment Minister. On the 8th September, Sussan Ley will make her final decision on whether the expansion of Brandy Hill quarry will go ahead. You can use your social media accounts to call on the Minister to #savePortStephenskoalas. Don’t forget to tag!

Facebook: @SussanLeyMP
Twitter: @SussanLey
Instagram: @SussanLeyMP

or email by using the link on the “The Hon. Sussan Ley MP” homepage.

2 thoughts on “Loss of Habitat from Quarry Expansion

  1. Hi Margeret. I have written to Rob Stokes regarding this and never even got a reply. So I have written to Susan Ley now. Thank you.
    Here is a copy of what I wrote, if anybody wants to copy and paste some of it.
    “Dear Susan I’m emailing you regarding the Brandy Hill Quarry.
    As you know the local koala population is under threat and yet the government has decided to allow 52 hectares of land to be cleared where the koalas actually live. This 52 hectares wouldn’t be a problem if it was somewhere else perhaps, NOT where the koalas are living and breeding. It would be insane and a crime against nature to go ahead with this expansion/destruction.
    Please consider the future of the species, as you know they are predicted to be extinct soon.
    This could really help them please do your best.
    Kind regards. ”
    P.S I’m not sure what you mean by Tag! it’s probably twitting or something beyond me.
    Keep up the great work.
    Regards Terence

    • NOWAY CAN WE DISPLACE ANY MORE KOALAS..THey suffer already from recent bush fire ,Thousands could have been killed .dog strikes ,,and loss of habitate ,from mining ,,houseing developement ,Thier days could be numbered if something in not done soon,to stop this madness and protect the wonderfull truely Australian Koala ,

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