Brandy Hill Quarry Hours of Operation

The IPC decision on future hours of operation has basically carried the current consent conditions forward. The key IPC condition is that product loading and despatch and quarrying operations are limited to 6am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, and at no time on Sundays or public holidays. This is the same as the 1983 EIS and consent, with the exception that the latter does not mention public holidays, and there are exceptions for maintenance and secondary/tertiary crushing. The 1983 consent conditions will remain in effect until Hanson formally advises the DPIE of the “date of Commencement” of the new consent.

The hours of operation were one of the principal issues we had with Hanson’s proposal, and has been a frequent matter for complaints about noise in the early morning and into the night. We were frustrated by PSC’s non enforcement of this matter, which we understand was partly due to the uncertainty about what the IPC would determine for the future.

That uncertainty has now gone, so I have written to PSC to properly enforce the hours of operation while they remain the consent authority.

So if you see gravel trucks entering the quarry before 6am or after 6pm Monday to Saturday, or at any time on Sundays, or hear any quarrying or crushing noise outside 6am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, please lodge your complaint with PSC. You can also complain on the HANSON Hotline, but PSC is the consent authority responsible for enforcement, so they are the prime contact, until the new consent comes into force.

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