CCC Minutes February and May 2019 and Proposed Operating Hours

For your information, these are the minutes from the last two Brandy Hill Quarry Community Consultative Committee (CCC) meetings.

Finalised minutes of the Brandy Hill CCC February 2019

Brandy Hill Quarry_CCC Minutes 2-5-19

Also presented at the February meeting was the following document outlining the changes between the original EIS that resulted in the 160+ objecting submissions, and what Hanson were proposing at that time to include in their “Response TO Submissions”, ie their revised project plan. The community representatives advised that the revised planned hours of operation were still totally unacceptable to the community. In the absence of any subsequent advice from Hanson of any changes, we believe this document is still their current plan.

BHQ CCC Comparison Presentation_February 2019

For clarification of the above document, we understand that “Load and Haul” refers to dump truck movements from the pit to the primary crusher, which are all proposed to operate from 5am to 10pm, except Sundays and public holidays.
Truck loading and despatch is not clearly stated, but the answer in an earlier post states:

As described in Section 3.12 of the RTS, Hanson has reduced the components of the operation that would be approved to occur 24/7 following a review of the proposed ongoing operation. Hanson is seeking approval for the following activities to occur 24/7 where needed to satisfy client demand.
• Secondary crushing and screening activities.
• Road truck loading and despatch.
• Maintenance

The only concession on road truck haulage and despatch is that despatch between 10pm and 5am would only occur on up to 20 nights per year. ie we could expect despatch from 5am up until 10pm to satisfy “client demand”.

Compare that to BHSAG’s April 2017 submission which stated :

“Reject the proposal to allow 24/7 dispatch through a residential area and 24/7 crushing. There must be a complete curfew on operations between 8pm – 6am weekdays, and from midday Saturday until 6am Monday. Principally for the sake of amenity.”

After the poor response from Hanson in the above comparison document, BHSAG are proposing to put to the Independent Planning Commission (IPC) hearing (whenever we get to that point), that operating hours should  remain as per the current consent :-  6am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

Do you have any comments on either the minutes, Hanson’s proposed hours of operations, or what we should ask the IPC to restrict them to?






1 thought on “CCC Minutes February and May 2019 and Proposed Operating Hours

  1. As I read this the quarry is again operational outside of its approved hours. At 4:37 am there are already truck movements loud enough to travel up to 1.5km and penetrate closed windows and curtains. Given Hanson’s lack of respect, I fear they are simply taking advantage of the lack of enforcement of their operating conditions.

    As per an email from the DPI the quarry is still under the jurisdiction of PSC and Hanson’s current application in no way grants them licence to vary those approved conditions.

    Would council hear an application for a 6pm to 6am curfew on truck movements along Brandy hill drive and Clarencetown road from Wallalong to Seaham?

    Is it not long overdue that PSC. Take action against Hanson’s for their blatant flaunting of these conditions?

    Hanson representatives have apparently stated publicly that they would “cop the fine” rather than stick to their approved operating conditions. Can PSC and other authorities oblige Hanson’s wish and issue said fines?


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