On 16th August, have your say on the proposed PSC rate rise

This note is from the Seaham Park & Wetlands Committee.

Hi Everyone


Port Stephens Council will bring its proposal and the reasons for the planned increase in our rates,  from 4pm – 6pm on Thursday 16th August at Seaham Hall.  Not just Seaham, East Seaham, Glen Oak, Wallalong, Hinton, Dunns Creek but the whole Council area will be covered by this rate rise.

Please come along and meet Council staff, Mayor and local Councillors and drop in and have your say.  You are paying the rates and therefore it is your money.  Drop in anytime between 4pm and 6pm.

If we are to pay extra rates then the extra funds should be spent in our local area and not be spent in the Nelson Bay area.  A $10 million multistorey car park at Nelson Bay is not in our local area.

A think-tank of Seaham and district locals have come up with some suggestions of what Council could do with the extra rate revenue in our area:

–         A shared pathway for bikes and walkers along Brandy Hill Drive.

–         The Brandy Hill Drive pathway to extend alongside Seaham Road and connect with the pathway at Brandon Park which goes to Seaham School.  This would take children and cyclists off much of Seaham Road.

–         A bus shelter for the school children outside Seaham School.

–         Outdoor gym equipment for Seaham Park.

–         A path from Seaham Shop to the Preschool to take bikes and pedestrians off busy Cross Street and Torrence Street.

–         A path along the eastern side of Dixon Street to take pedestrians and bikes off the road and allow easier access for cars going to Still Street to drop off and collect school children from the main entrance of Seaham School.

–         A zebra crossing (pedestrian crossing) outside the Seaham Shop.

–         Seal all gravel roads.

You may have other suggestions.  Let Council know.

For more information visit www.portstephens.nsw.gov.au

Come along.  Have your say.  Ask questions. 

Seaham Park & Wetlands Committee

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