Traffic Count Help Needed

Can you assist with a traffic count to support our submission? We nedd detailed traffic counts for one day only, 5:30am – 6:00pm, to identify the proportion of the very heavy vehicles that are gravel trucks.

PSC has just installed traffic counting equipment on Brandy Hill Drive near the only bus  shelter to aid in preparing their submission to the EIS. The automatic counter does not distinguish between gravel and other heavy trucks.

At the public meeting, one of the NSW Dept Planning representatives made a statement to the effect that it would be unfair to levy quarry trucks for infrastructure upgrades when other trucks also use the same roads.

I think you would agree that a huge proportion of the heaviest trucks are quarry trucks, but we need data to support this. Can you help for an hour or more on Monday or Tuesday next week (3rd or 4th April)? Count sheets will be supplied. It is best to have two people on duty at any time, one counting each way. The count will be conducted at the Clarencetown Rd end of Brandy Hill Drive. Of course, the truck traffic recorded there will continue onto Seaham Road.

If you can assist, please contact us and advise which day or days and what time range you could cover. We will try to assign a two hour period at most, if we get enough volunteers.

Email , or phone or message 0497 886 184

Many thanks.
Neil & Margarete

1 thought on “Traffic Count Help Needed

  1. Further to my email this afternoon about not being able to upload my submission to the Dept. Planning site, I found a way.  Used the old copy and paste method and it all worked.  thanks,Ron

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