New information on Dept Planning Website from the Community Meeting

The NSW Dept Planning has added information about the public meeting to their website:  Brandy Hill Quarry Extension

Three documents as follows can be accessed under:
“+ Community Meeting(3)

The first document has detailed instructions on how to lodge a submission. The department will add a summary of the issues and comments from the meeting onto their website next week. We will advise when that is done.

Our advice garnered from our experience with the Martins Creek Quarry EIS process and from what the Dept of Planning have asked for, is simply to write in your own words and in whatever way and you are comfortable with:

  1. What it is about the proposal that concerns you,
  2. Why those issue(s) matter to you (or your family, your business, your relatives etc)
  3. What you want changed, added, restricted etc in the expansion proposal (EIS) to lessen or mitigate those concerns, and why they would be improvements over what is proposed.

Just one paragraph is infinitely better than nothing. We need at least 25 submissions opposed to the EIS as it stands. Lets try for 225! So rally your neighbours, children, work mates, friends and anyone else that use the quarry haul roads.

If you have school children using buses on the quarry haul roads, please phone or email your bus company and ask whether the company has contacted Karen Forsythe at Port Stephens Council about how bus stop safety should be improved, and are they going to make a submission on the EIS? (We have tried but unsuccessfully to date).
eg Hunter Valley Buses Thornton:icon phone (02) 4935 7200icon

If anyone witnessed the truck skidding under locked-up brakes, past a stopped bus and onto the other side of Brandy Hill Drive, please contact us. What other near misses have you seen? Those are among the things that need to go into public submissions!

That is almost all for now.
How many submissions will you have instigated by the 9th April?

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