CCC Minutes

As the year draws to a close it is time to evaluate our aims and objectives with regards to the expansion of Hanson Quarry at Brandy Hill. So that you can follow the discussions with Hanson at their voluntary Community Consultative Committee (CCC) I have attached below the minutes of all meetings to date.

Most meetings begin with updates from the company regarding their current operations and then when reports are available as required by the Dept of Planning, they are tabled and discussed. Our views are sought and discussed and even though we don’t always agree with each other, our views are respected and listened to.

We now need more input from the community and it is almost time to put our submissions to the Dept of Planning. The Development Application will be submitted in either February or March by Hanson. I urge you to think about your own personal views on this expansion. How is it going to affect you and your family? What are the main issues as far as you are concerned? We have continuing issues with communicating to as many people as possible. We urge you to pass information to neighbours and get as many people as possible to register, via this website, for notification by email for ongoing web information. We have had just over 70 people complete the survey on the website, so I encourage everyone who wants to contribute to the overall opinion, to do so now if they have not completed it yet.

The Brandy Hill/Seaham Action committee is currently working on the submission that it will be sent to the Dept of Planning when the time comes and a draft will be posted on this website within the next month.

Margarete Ritchie.

BHQ CCC Minutes Meeting No 01

BHQ CCC Minutes Meeting No 02

BHQ CCC Minutes Meeting No 03

BHQ CCC Minutes Meeting No 04

BHQ CCC Minutes Meeting No 05

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