Extension of Closing date for Martins Creek Quarry Submissions – Now 22/11/2022

 The following is from MCQAG:

Dear Members and Friends

A quick update to advise, that the IPC has at the 11th hour, this afternoon extended the closing date for written submissions.

The revised closing date is 5pm 22nd November 2022. Follow this link to lodge a written submission.

If you have not already done so, the MCQAG committee encourages you to lodge your written objections using the link above before the revised closing date.

If you have already lodged your written objections we recommend you take this opportunity to solicit additional written submissions from your friends and family to oppose the proposal. 

As detailed in earlier updates, your submissions should detail your lived experiences, the impacts that will affect you, your family and your household. You should also detail what the IPC can do to resolve those issues (MCQAG committee’s position is the proposal should be refused approval). 

If you need a hand lodging online, get in touch with us via email or phone and one of our volunteers will help you out. 

James Ashton
MCQAG Secretary
0413 616 677

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