Approved Hours Of Operation

It seems Hanson has curtailed crushing operations outside of the approved hours. That is very welcomed as it has greatly improved the lives of people living in neighbouring properties. Thank you Hanson.

However, Hanson continues to have trucks entering and leaving prior to 6am on most weekday mornings, detracting from the rural amenity along the haul route, and endangering wildlife. Both were reasons the IPC only allowed truck movements after 6am.

The following is the latest reply from PSC on the matter. If you have first hand evidence of unlawful truck movements outside 6am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, please lodge your complaint with PSC.

4 thoughts on “Approved Hours Of Operation

  1. If they are still operating on the 1983 consent then activities on Saturday should stop midday Saturday. That’s all business activities inclusive of trucks is my understanding.

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      • Hi BHSAC – Apologies – I had thought I had read somewhere it was midday and yes I stand corrected the EIS 1983 consent says Sat 6pm. I probably did see it somewhere in all these documents it said midday as you can appreciate information in different places and documents. I did however remember on the Hanson Website the hours publicised are 6.30 to 11am on a Saturday. Obviously from the 1983 consent they could go through to 6pm. Maybe thats what made me think midday. Oh and 1983 EIS page 4 section 1.4.3 Blasting between 1pm and 5pm. (and the weather conditions is spelt out very clearly)

        (from Hansons Website)
        Hanson Brandy Hill
        Quarry in Seaham, New South Wales
        Address: 979 Clarence Town Rd, Seaham NSW 2324
        Friday 6:30am–5pm
        Saturday 6:30–11am
        Sunday Closed
        Monday 6:30am–5pm
        Tuesday 6:30am–5pm
        Wednesday 6:30am–5pm
        Thursday 6:30am–5pm

        Thank you for all your efforts over the years BHSAG – it’s very much appreciated.

  2. FYI – please share It be great to get as many people as possible seeing this is so local.

     > HLTAID003 – Provide First Aid certificate > (nationally accredited) > Sunday 18 July, 1-4pm > At Little Brandy Hill > > Instructors will contextualise some First Aid Emergency scenarios relevant to the rural environment. The session will be delivered in approximately 2-3 hours depending on the number of learners for the session. 1 – 4pm. > > The session will comprise practical CPR and First Aid training (including use of defibrillator, performing CPR, bleeding control, slings/immobilisation, snake bite etc) for the first 90 minutes, with the remainder of the session being the undertaking of scenarios in which learners will perform the skills in which they have learnt. At the completion of the session all learners will receive a HLTAID003 – Provide First Aid certificate which is nationally accredited. > > For this to go ahead locally, we require at least 6 learners to participate. > > The cost for six to ten learners would be $85 per learner, for greater than ten learners the cost is further reduced to $75 per learner. > > So please spread the word and encourage your neighbours and friends to register. > > Contact:- > > Bronwyn Ellis-White > 0423426424 > > > > > Sent from my iPhone > >>>

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