Hanson Complaint Hotline

On 29th April we received the following email from the quarry CCC Chairperson Lisa Andrews, regarding who to contact with complaints about the quarry. This was the first time we had been notified of the Hotline in all the years since the CCC was formed! Please make use of it to report your first hand experience of problems. It could still be some time before the SSDA is finalised, so keep reporting problems.

We all know that Hanson disregard the conditions of consent, but they also use the lack of complaints as justification to keep doing it. For example, in this document to the DPIE on the 11th May: https://majorprojects.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/prweb/PRRestService/mp/01/getContent?AttachRef=SSD-5899%2120200521T005501.926%20GMT
they say:

Already in 2020, the normal operating hours to 10:00pm of the secondary and tertiary equipment have been required on 60 evenings. It is notable that Hanson has not received any complaints about these evening operations.”

Dear CCC members,

I hope you are all well during these unprecedented times.
Recently multiple Hanson staff have been receiving numerous enquiries and complaints regarding Brandy Hill Quarry. Hanson understands the importance in providing an avenue for community members to ask questions and lodge complaints regarding a Hanson site. However, while the site remains compliant with its development consent and Environmental Protection Licence conditions, staff are somewhat limited in their ability to appease the concern of some residents. In the interest of all parties Hanson is providing a more formal procedure of communication to ensure all complaints are captured, investigated and responded to.  Accordingly, we are asking CCC members to pass along to the broader community the following details regarding Brandy Hill Quarry environmental enquiries or complaints:

Hanson Hotline: 1800 882 478

Port Stephens Council: 02 4988 0255

EPA Environmental Line: 131 555

The Hanson Hotline provides community members a way to contact Hanson regarding any concerns, enquiries or complaints while allowing a streamlined avenue in tracking the issue and providing a response to the complainant. This is also the number provided on signage associated with the quarry.

Finally, Port Stephens have overall responsibility for the current Brandy Hill Quarry consent.  Should you have any complaints and/or enquiries relating to the approval conditions for the quarry, please lodge them with Council directly.  Please note that as the site’s regulatory authority, complaints and/or enquiries regarding the environmental performance of the quarry, may be lodged through the EPA’s Environmental Line.

I trust this information is of assistance.

Kind regards,
Belinda Pignone
Environmental Planning & Compliance Coordinator

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.
Thank you and regards

Lisa Andrews
Independent Chairperson &
Articulate Solutions Pty Ltd
t: 0401 609 693
e: lisaandrews.ic@gmail.com

So despite lack of success with complaints to date, keep them coming as the DPIE and IPC will be monitoring the complaint register (we hope).

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