Hanson Does Not Accept the Department’s Proposed Conditions of Approval

If you have read the Department’s assessment of the quarry expansion and thought that the recommended conditions of approval are reasonable to some degree, don’t be complacent. Don’t sit back and think the job is done. Read the following “Appendix A…” document, which is publically available on the IPC website,  and have your say, either in person by videoconference, or by mailing a written submission to the IPC (see previous posts for the details). We don’t want the IPC to relax any of the proposed conditions for Hanson’s sake, we want them tightened further for our sakes!

Appendix A_LtrHanson_14May20

Hanson has not accepted the recommended conditions and continues to push for 24/7 and thinks that its business needs overshadow the preservation of our area’s amenity and character and thus our lifestyle and wellbeing.

Hanson’s proposed “concessions” in the Voluntary Planning Agreement with PSC are also a sham and insult. The $120,000 mentioned for bus bays is not an additional contribution, just an advance payment that will be used as a credit to reduce future road maintenance payments.

The $1.5m for the pathway is only half what it will cost, even though their trucks account for over 90% of all the heavy vehicle traffic on Brandy Hill Drive, and will increase.

Have your say with the IPC and take control of your future!



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