Update from Hanson, September 2019

The following information has been received from Hanson, regarding the Brandy Hill Quarry Expansion Project, which I am forwarding on to CCC members:

  • The amended Response to Submissions (RTS) has been finalised and has taken into account all submissions and information requested that have been received by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) and provided to Hanson and RW Corkery.
  • Also included are responses to requests that have come directly from the planning assessment officer, as well as a complete description of refinements to the project and additional assessments undertaken.
  • Following review(s) by DPIE and its acceptance of the amended RTS (expected during the month of October); a copy will be forwarded to all CCC members.
  • Subsequently, the next CCC meeting will be scheduled after the review and at members’ earliest convenience.
  • CCC members will be kept updated on the progress of the RTS.


Lisa Andrews, Independent Chairperson & Director, Articulate Solutions Pty Ltd


Brandy Hill and Seaham Action Group (BHSAG) has continued to lobby the NSW Dept Planning on the key matters of hours of operation, safety along BHD, health impacts of dust and noise, and the environmental impacts on fauna, in particularly the threatened local koala population hub. We can only wait and hope that Hanson’s final Response To Submissions contains some meaningful concessions on the above.

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