Vote for Seaham Community Projects Funding

The following has been provided by Pre McGee from the Seaham Park and Wetland Committee, which  has put forward two projects for NSW Govt funding.  These are a bus shelter and associated laneways at Seaham School and school bus interchange and outdoor exercise equipment for Seaham Park.

These projects have successfully gone through stage 1 and 2 culling and stage 3 is a public vote.

The bus shelter is a high priority because in the 1990s there was a bus shelter which was removed because it was a closed-in structure which did not provide good visibility from the street.

The Seaham School bus stop and associated school bus interchange is both a transfer point for children from surrounding areas going to schools in Maitland and Raymond Terrace but also a disembarkation point for children going to Seaham School.  There are both health and safety issues associated with there being no bus shelter and no formal bus laneway.

Parents and the community are concerned about children waiting in extreme heat for buses.  At the interchange it would be hotter due to the urban island heat effect where localized warming occurs due to dark coloured and paved surfaces and the heat emissions from idling buses creating intense heat.  There is no shelter and no trees at the interchange.

There is also no designated waiting area for school children to wait or alight for buses.

In wet weather school students shelter across the road under the shop awning and run across the road when their bus arrives.  This create safety issues for themselves as well as drivers.

Drivers and children will not be put at risk of children running across the road when their bus arrives as they will be able to shelter on the side of the road where the bus stops.

Please  vote and support these projects. This flyer explains the process.
SP My Community Projects Flyer 2019
(a document box may appear at the bottom of your PC screen – click to open)

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