Protection of koalas – NSW Parliament Inquiry

This was received today from our local NSW member (who is the shadow Minister for  Environment and Heritage).  It is repeated here for its relevance to koala and other potential habitat loss from not only quarry expansions but general development.  Don’t leave it to other concerned people to make submissions. Only you can say what you want to tell the inquiry, so act soon.


Dear friends,

The NSW Parliament is currently holding an inquiry into the protection of koalas in NSW, including the impact of the Berejiklian government’s land clearing laws on koala habitats across NSW.

 I encourage you to make a submission to the inquiry to ensure that the committee members have the best understanding of the current threats to our native koala population, especially in Port Stephens.

I am pleased that former Shadow Minister for the Environment Penny Sharpe is a member of the Committee. Penny has visited Port Stephens many times and is very familiar with the issues we have had with the Mambo Wetlands and UrbanGrowth site at Fishermans Bay.

Submissions to the inquiry close on 2 August 2019.

You can read more about the inquiry and make a submission here:

Kind Regards,

Kate Washington MP
Shadow Minister for Environment and Heritage
Shadow Minister for Rural Health
Member for Port Stephens
82 Port Stephens Street, Raymond Terrace NSW 2324  | 

P (02) 4987 4455    F (02) 4987 4466   

PS Wecome to the new people now following our website!

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