Martins Creek Quarry Drops Route Via Brandy Hill

We received the following letter today from Umwelt, who are managing Daracon’s revised EIS and State Significant Development Application for Martins Creek Quarry. The attached letter outlines a few modifications to their proposal including dropping the use of haul route 2 to Raymond Terrace via Butterwick and Brandy Hill. Read the detail below:

Dear Neil

Please find attached correspondence to the Brandy Hill and Seaham Action Group on behalf of Daracon.

If you could kindly distribute this to the other members of the Group it would be appreciated.

Kind regards

Trish McDonald
Senior Environmental Consultant

Umwelt (Australia) Pty Limited
75 York Street
Teralba, NSW 2284
Phone: (02) 4950 5322
Mobile: 0436 694 644



Route 2 via Butterwick and Brandy Hill

BHSAG’s Reaction

  • This is welcome news for residents along this route and road users.
  • It would reduce the total quarry trucks traveling to from Raymond Terrace, lessening the “cumulative impact” with Brandy Hill quarry trucks.
  • It will probably only be applied if/when a new SSDA consent is issued, so don’t expect any change in the near term.
  • If the other issues with route 2 (the “iron bridge”,  five T-intersections and road width etc are ever addressed, route 2 could be reinstated.
  • Hanson would no longer be able to claim that lots of other heavy vehicles use BHD/Seaham Rd and Clarence Town Rd routes which reduces their responsibility for providing safety infrastructure (ie quarry entrance intersection upgrade and pathway and bus stops).
  • There will still be a cumulative impact on the route through Bolwarra to the Lorn or Flat Road bridges.

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