BHSAG Submission

After four years of intermittent activity, and the last 4 weeks frantically studying the EIS and preparing our response, we can sit back, get on with our lives, and wait for the next stage.

The feedback so far has been wonderful. It is great to live in a community that has rallied and spoken up. How many submissions will there be? That should be known in a week or so when they get posted onto the Department of Planning’s website.

Thanks to the committee and a some very valuable contributions, we managed to prepare quite a comprehensive submission. I hope it meets your expectations, as it was the best we could do in the limited time available. It can never be exactly what each of you would want, but we hope it reinforces many of the points you have in your submissions.

A special thanks goes to Bridge Acoustics for the critical review of the noise impact assessment, provided as a service to our community.

Our submission was uploaded in 4 parts. The main document and three attachments. Links to each part are provided below, which you may want to “open link in a new tab”.

BHSAG Brandy Hill Quarry Extension EIS Submission

Attach 1 BHSAG EIS Appendices

Attach 2 Acoustic Review Brandy Hill Quarry EIS

Attach 3 Appendix 11 Air quality EIS response

The current status of the EIS is “Exhibition & Collate Submissions“.

The next steps are expected to be as follows:

  1. All submissions will be posted onto the DPE’s website:
  2. The DPE will ask Hanson to respond to the submissions, and will most likely also ask for any deficiencies to be addressed where the EIS did not adequately fulfill what was required in the SEARS, and will summarise the most important and frequent issues that were in the objections.
  3. Hanson will probably take many months, maybe a year,  to complete their “Response to Submissions”, and may modify their proposal and may change or clarify any commitments that they are prepared to make.
  4. The DPE will then make a recommendation to the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) if there have been more then 25 objecting submissions.
  5. The PAC will then make a determination.

We will provide updates as they become available.




1 thought on “BHSAG Submission

  1. Thank you Margarete, Neil and your committee for your tireless energy and work.
    As today we sadly reflect on the death of John Clarke, a great Kiwi Australian, I know we would be a much poorer community without you and your boundless enthusiasm. Well done!

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