Compression Braking Road Signs

Just a short message to give an update on a small but significant issue that seemed to be getting nowhere. That is the installation of new road signs indicating that truck drivers travelling along Brandy Hill Drive have a responsibility to local residents to keep the truck noise to a minimum.
PSC have made it quite clear for a number of years now that the signs they put up many years ago, after constant complaints by residents, would have to do even though they were installed in the wrong positions.
Several months ago Hanson quarry offered to foot the cost of the signs and installation but it was only this week that all parties met and determined where the signs should be positioned. We can only hope that all drivers, be they from quarries, chicken businesses, grain etc will notice them and pay attention.

Thank you to Michael Benic, manager BH Quarry for funding this initiative, Brian, senior driver in the Hanson fleet for his advice as to the placement of the signs and to Marc Goodall from Council for his input on Wednesday.

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